Feature films

Evolution (Coming soon)

Directors:  Ian Bogere

Screenwriter:  Ian Bogere

Genre:  History|Drama|War


A historical drama based on the events that took place in what was known as German South-West Africa from 1880 to 1908. The film explores the subject of Eugenics, Social Darwinism, and Scientific racism during that time.


From the point of view of the Herero, Nama, and Damara people, the film follows a young Herero couple faced with the tides of change from the point a land treaty is signed by German businessman Heinrich Vogelsand and the leading Nama Chiefs to the genesis of the first concetration camps ever built to hold civilians as a result of colonial rule in Southwest Africa. 

Sublime Perfection (In development)

Directors:  Ian Bogere

Screenwriter:  Ian Bogere

Genre:  Drama|Thriller


A man bent down with no sense of hope, homeless on the streets in harsh poverty, discovers a dangerous substance that is commonly used in a pharmaceutical drug capsule. His way up the corporate ladder leads him in entanglement.

One Step a Mile

Directors:  Ian Bogere

Screenwriter:  Ian Bogere

Genre:  Drama


A young man, Joe Archibald, questions what lies beyond the horizon across open water. Comparing the experiences in his life to a sailor who crosses treacherous currents, Joe evokes a compelling story about his own journey in life after he lost everything, and the people who helped to shape the man that he became.



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