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Nantale House (2019)

The Nantale House Reach-Out org. is a non-profit organization supporting the young and old in orphanages, hospitals, schools, and homes for the elderly in Uganda through clothing, children's toys, shoes etc. The sole purpose is to improve the quality of life of those in need of assistance.

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Salong Matilda (2017)

Award winning Beauty Salon based in Bergen, Norway.


Truth To Tell - (Big Score Audio)

Camp Shane (2009)

Weight-loss program at Camp Shane. Kids come out and make friends, get counseling, learn healthy living, and just have fun. 

Project Focus (2008)

In addition to identifying with the needs of others and empowering communities, this group of inspiring individuals will share their talents and bring to light the creativity from across continents; starting with communities in Chicago, USA, to Lyantonde, a town in Southwest Uganda, and beyond.

Sypos (2009)

SYPOS means Selling Young People On Success. Students are mentored by professionals in after-school programs, which has led to tremendous success with this particular program. 

Hundeparadiset (2010)

A cozy dog paradise where three dogs, with one of them being a celebrity dog, will train/guide other dogs under dog-owner Miss Lill-Ann's leadership. This place is awesome for dog owners (NORWAY).

Sudan Underlined (2009)

Conflict in Darfur.

A Hidden System (2008)

With the Illinois Coalition for Immigrants and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), over a hundred activists gathered outside Broadview, IL. Detention Center on June 19th, 2008, to bear witness to the horrors of a growing Immigration and Custom's Enforcement (ICE) detention system that has been hidden from the public for too long. This video is a document of that all-night vigil. However, the Sisters of Mercy gather at the Center to pray every Friday morning.

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